You've made it!

I launched DECKER because there's never been a more exciting time to put yourself out there. 

​The digital era has democratized the attention economy. Your reach is no longer limited to how many ads you can buy and user-friendly tools have made great design more accessible than ever. 


Simply put, the future is up for grabs by anyone with a smartphone and the guts to build something of their own.

I build digital marketing strategies that reflect our new reality—holistic yet resourceful, timeless yet versatile.

Designed for modern entrepreneurs, everything I build is delivered in user-friendly formats that you can evolve as you go (no design experience required).

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Evergreen materials that close the deal

The impact of what you do, translated into a clear narrative and visual identity—one your audience will trust and remember.

All packages are custom and may  include:

  • Core messaging + brand design

  • A new or refreshed website

  • Stakeholder materials (pitch decks, sponsorship packages, media kits, etc.)

​Perfect for new ventures, re-brands, pitch competitions, investor relations and public figures.

Pricing: Packages begin at $1,250 but typically range from $5,000-$10,000+.



Let's make it shine

The last 20% of a project is always the hardest, especially when you don't have a trained second opinion on hand.

A tune-up includes copy editing and design enhancements, but leaves the general flow and content as provided.

Tune-up services are available for websites, slide decks, proposals, blogs and social media content calendars.

Pricing: $75/hour



A roadmap to reach the right people

Connecting the dots between your objectives and the audience you need to achieve them while also eliminating "I have nothing to post!" moments.

Blueprint + Blast Off

​The tools and templates you need to hit the ground running with the training to be self-sufficient. I work to optimize and increase your in-house marketing capacity (even if that's one hour a week).

What we'll tackle:

  • Substance: A framework for what to post with all my secrets for never running out of content ideas while also staying on brand.

  • Discoverability: What platforms to prioritize and how to maximize the visibility of what you post.

  • Workflow: How to do all this without losing your mind.

This package takes approx. a month and includes custom social media templates delivered on your choice of Canva, Photoshop or PowerPoint as well as three trouble shooting sessions to use anytime in the six months following your hand-over.

Pricing: Starting at $2,500



The no-fuss approach to getting it done

Projects typically take 1-2 weeks, with 48 hour rush rates available. My streamlined process ensures client satisfaction while also cutting down on delivery time.


Built on Wix, Webflow, Wordpress, Shopify, Google Sites or Squarespace.

Pricing: Starting at $800 (ex. portfolio or CV), going up to $2,500-$5,000+ for eCommerce/eLearning or service-based companies with embedded booking systems and completed SEO.

Content Batches

Your go-to relief line for ​engaging social media content, optimized for the platform, written in your voice, and tailored to your goals. Content includes research/ideation, visuals, captions and curated hashtags.

Pricing: Projects vary, but are typically $500/20 social media posts. Blogs/newsletters begin at $300.




Your one-stop solution for your entire digital marketing plan, including strategy, content creation, social media and community management.

Pricing: Starting at  $4,750/month with a six month minimum.


Exclusively available to returning clients for services such as website upkeep and personalizing client/investor materials.

Pricing: $75/hour


What to expact


30% of the quoted project fee is due upon project agreement, with the remainder due upon project completion. 

Production Process

My streamlined 4-step creative process ensures that project pieces are delivered on time, with total client satisfaction. 

Brand Building, Content Marketing and Full-Service  packages often include multiple projects, and therefor repeat this process multiple times.

  1. Intake Form: Completed online unless an alignment call is needed.

  2. 50% Check-In: A draft of the content and flow is provided for review with a sample of the design.  

  3. 80% Check-In: The content is now designed, although not perfected, leaving room for significant changes without delaying the project timeline.

  4. Final Review: A completed project is delivered, with one final call for edits and an optional hand-off training.

All projects are delivered with the original design files so you can continue to evolve on the go.

Creativity is good for business.